7 reasons ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is the most progressive sitcom on TV

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine surprised many Golden Globes viewers when it took home two trophies at this year’s ceremony, its freshman season has been churning out one solid episode after another. And not only is the show hysterical, but it may be the most progressive show on TV. The cop comedy is on-point when it comes to portraying women, gay characters and people of color. Other shows should take notes when attempting to deliver a similarly progressive message to a millennial audience.

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Laura Makabresku


Laura Makabresku


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Not only did this movie challenge the constant oppression of women, it was one of the only movies to depict Africa so well. Rich, well spoken African royalty, tell me the last time they did something like this. 

I love this movie. 


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McDonald’s c.1965

The items in this menu look way more appetizing than they do now!

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